Every organization strives for accuracy, reliability, and completeness when it comes to data management. In the world of SAP, the significance of maintaining a comprehensive Business Partner (BP) master data cannot be overstated. This data forms the backbone of numerous transactions, and any inconsistencies or omissions can have a cascading effect, leading to erroneous outputs and reporting.

What is Business Partner Master Data?

In SAP, Business Partner is a concept that encompasses various roles a party can play in a business process. A Business Partner can be a customer, supplier, contact, or even an employee. The BP master data contains comprehensive details about these partners, such as the company name, address, VAT number, and other essential fields.  This data becomes the primary source of information for many transactions carried out within the system.

SAF-T and SAP Document and Reporting Compliance in Romania

One of the areas where the accuracy and completeness of BP master data shine through is during the implementation of SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) within SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, especially in regions like Romania.

SAF-T is an international format for electronic exchange of reliable accounting data from organizations to a tax authority or external auditors. In Romania, as in other countries adopting SAF-T, it becomes imperative for companies to generate and provide these reports accurately to comply with tax regulations.

A Real-world Challenge: VAT Numbers and SAF-T Reporting

From our experience with projects in Romania, the completeness of BP master data plays a pivotal role. Consider the importance of the VAT (Value Added Tax) number. This number is essential for transactions within the European Union, and its presence or absence directly impacts SAF-T reports or e-invoicing.

In a particular project, due to overlooked VAT numbers in the BP master data, the generated SAF-T reports were flawed. Consequently, it led to an extended delay in the project. The customer spent over a month updating the Business Partner master data to rectify this oversight. This month-long delay not only hampered the SAF-T implementation but also highlighted the potential risks associated with incomplete master data.

The Consequences

  1. Inaccurate Reporting: With incomplete BP master data, the SAF-T reports generated will not align with the actual business data, leading to non-compliance.
  2. Operational Delays: As seen in the above example, any errors in the reports will require a revisitation of the master data, which can significantly delay projects.
  3. Financial Implications: Non-compliance can result in penalties, further adding to the costs.
  4. Reputational Damage: Consistent inaccuracies in reporting can tarnish the company’s image and relationship with tax authorities.

Why Comweg?:

At Comweg, we are experts in SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, and we have a deep technical understanding of the einvoicing and statutory reporting around the world. Our team of experienced consultants will work with you to ensure that you are fully compliant with the legal regulations. We will work with you to implement SAP DRC in your company, and we will provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the system runs smoothly.


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Setting up a project for SAP Document and Reporting Compliance requires expert knowledge and experience. Consultants with specialized skills can help enterprises navigate the process, ensuring a successful and efficient implementation of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance in their systems.

Typical project lead time per country:

3-4 Months


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Successful implementation of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance requires effective collaboration between internal and external consultants. A dedicated team with specialized skills and knowledge can ensure a smooth and efficient implementation, delivering the benefits of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance to the enterprise.

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To ensure long-term success of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, proper maintenance and support is crucial. Externalizing this process to a partner can provide access to specialized skills and resources, helping to ensure a smooth and efficient maintenance and support experience. With a partner's expertise and dedicated support, enterprises can be confident in the continued success of their SAP Document and Reporting Compliance implementation.


In the complex landscape of SAP, the BP master data stands as a pillar supporting various functions. Its accuracy and completeness are not just about keeping the system running smoothly but ensuring that essential compliance requirements, like SAF-T in Romania, are met. Organizations must prioritize regular audits and maintenance of their BP master data to avoid costly and time-consuming repercussions.

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